See The Power Of Star Wars Stormtrooper Blaster Before Joining The First Order

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Have you ever dreamed of joining the First Order? Does your heartrate rise with the thought of marching in formation in your pristine uniform, about to blast some rebel scum at the order of the sinister Kylo Ren, or the sneering Captain Phasma? Have you wanted to feel the snows of Hoth crunching under your boots, or to explore the spice mines of Kessel? If your greatest aspiration is to own a Star Wars stormtrooper blaster and to dive into the captivating universe of the galaxy, this may be the gift for you!

See the power of Star Wars stormtrooper blaster :

Of the Star Wars replica guns on the market, the Storm Trooper Blaster seems to be a strong entry to the arsenal. Those who like the gun cite the comfortable oversized grip as a good feature, and it is designed for use by either children or adults, so you can finally engage your ten-year-old cousin or eighty-year-old grandpa in an epic battle. The bold white-and-orange color scheme is consistent with the look of the First Order Storm Troopers from Episodes VII and VIII, so if you’re concerned about looking authentic, have no fears about that. Another good selling point is that there’s very little assembly required. It’s almost ready to go right out of the package, so you can get blasting immediately. The magazine is compatible with all the other Nerf In-Strike magazines.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Blaster
Star Wars Stormtrooper Blaster Nerf Gun

Probably the best feature about this blaster, other than its sweet overall general appearance, is the ease with which you can cock back and fire it. You feed it with the clip, which holds twelve darts, and you can blast them rapid-fire, one after another, at a high rate of speed. That makes it perfect for battling it out with other Star Wars fans in an indoor or outdoor setting. The darts fire up to sixty-five feet. If you’re a cosplay aficionado, this blaster could certainly be incorporated into a costume for a comic con. If you’re more hardcore about it, then you might choose this model as a jumping-off point, and then modify the colors to make it look battle-worn.

Star Wars Storm Trooper Blaster
By Star Wars

As far as drawbacks go, a few people have complained that the gun jams, and in some cases, the darts are even mangled, making them unusable. These incidents don’t seem to happen that often, though. The other thing to watch out for is that this gun is not quite as powerful as some of the other Nerf Blasters in the Star Wars line. The velocity of the darts being fired is not quite equal to that of the Rampage, as this gun expels darts at 58 feet per second, making this not ideal for the performance Nerf enthusiasts.

Overall, the First Order Star wars stormtrooper blaster seems to be a solid choice for any age. It’s attractive, easy to use, and there’s very little assembly required before it’s up and running. With this weapon in your hands, it’s easy to imagine the barren landscape of Tatooine stretching out ahead of you. Have fun, and watch out for Tusken Raiders.

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