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Star Wars Gifts
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Please any dedicated Star Wars fan with these gifts from a galaxy far, far away! Star Wars has been known to usher in new waves of fashion and decorating trends. Creating a Star Wars line for a product is almost sure to make it a success. In this galaxy, one thing is for sure; no matter what kind of product you’re looking for, there will always a Star Wars version of it waiting just for you and your friends! We have picked the best star wars gifts right below. Check this out!

Star Wars Trooper Speaker

star wars gift, star wars speakers
By eKids

Give your Stormtrooper recruits a gift that will leave any Star Wars fan or Resistance traitor in awe! This bluetooth speaker is modeled after the Stormtrooper hero who fought against Finn’s lightsaber. What a true inspiration to the Order! As yet another service to the First Order, now this trooper can act as a speaker for any galactic messages from our Supreme Leader, or any regular phone with bluetooth capabilities as well! You may also interest on more Star Wars Speakers or Death Star Speakers in galaxy not far away. star wars logo, star wars check it out, star wars gift


Death Star America Clock

Star wars gift, star wars wall clock
By Redbubble

That’s no moon; it’s a clock! Capture the glory of the second Death Star before it was mercilessly blown to pieces with this modern American clock. Now, you can show your respect for the United States of America while also showing your love of Star Wars! And don’t worry; this polypropylene clock face is sure to protect this gem from any rebel proton torpedoes! Reminder, mind your time before galaxy travel & the unique star wars wall clock could wars logo, star wars check it out, star wars gift


Star Wars Universe Books

 star wars gift, star wars books

Join the Empire’s very own Inferno Squad, and hunt down some savage rebel scum! Orders directly from the Emperor have created a squad solely formed to find the rebels responsible for the destruction of the Death Star! Saw Gerrera’s traitorous crew will be held accountable for their actions! This perfect Star Wars gifts to lead a new Star Wars fan down the path of the Jedi. If he / she has been addicted to Star Wars, dont forget to introduce these must-read Star Wars Books to wars logo, star wars check it out, star wars gift


Yoda Phone Case

star wars gifts, star wars phone case, star wars iphone case
By Redbubble

Strong with the Force, this case is. Give the essence of the galaxy’s most beloved Jedi master with this Star Wars Yoda case for the iPhone. This polycarbonate shell isn’t just beautiful; it will also keep your phone so safe that it may just end up lasting 900 years too! Lightweight, just as Yoda always has been. The perfect Star Wars gifts for anyone living on a swamp planet. If it is not your style, i think you are looking for these Star Wars phone cases .star wars logo, star wars check it out, star wars gift


May the F=ma Be With You Mug

star wars gift, star wars mug
By Redbubble

For any of you Physics majors who just can’t get enough of Star Wars, now you can truly enjoy your coffee the right way(the Star Wars way)! This comical ceramic mug is the perfect Star Wars gifts for anyone who truly enjoys the science side of a galaxy far, far away. And whether you believe in the teachings of the Jedi or not, it’s always good to have force on your side. Dishwasher safe. Other than that, these Star Wars mugs may contain the Force which help you insulate your drinks. Check it out!star wars logo, star wars check it out, star wars gift


Star Wars Rebel’s Sweatshirt

 Star Wars Rebel’s Sweatshirt, star wars gift, star wars hoodie

Send your friends and family this stylish Star Wars sweatshirt, and join the Rebel Alliance! With strength in growing numbers, no Empire can stand in the way of the people! Perfect gift for anyone who truly wants to end the Galactic Empire’s reign. You can always trust a rebel when it comes to new fashion trends! Fully Machine Washable. And i know your friends will be interested in these Star Wars hoodies  and definitely surprising to be a wars logo, star wars check it out, star wars gift


Star Wars A-Wing Model Kit

star wars gift, star wars model
By Bandai Hobby

Build the very ships that help Lando Calrissian blow up the second Death Star! Rebel Alliance engineers managed to turn these Starfighters into speedy, maneuverable ships perfect for dog fighting; now, your favorite padawans can too! This model even includes a small replica of the space fight area in that large battle over Endor! Assembly Required; Anakin didn’t just receive his racing pods completely put together, after all. Ages 15 and Up. Want to see more latest Star Wars 3D metal model? Check this out!star wars logo, star wars check it out, star wars gift


Star Wars Wookie Art

 star wars wall art, star wars gift

Wookies can be beautiful too! This painting perfectly encapsulates the raw emotion inside Chewbacca. Is Chewie smiling from happiness, or is it simply a brave face? Art scholars from all over the galaxy come to the forests of Kashyyk to debate this masterpiece’s finer details; and now you can send it to your friends as the perfect house warming gift! Caution: they say Chewie’s eyes will follow you around a room! If you want more outstanding Star Wars wall art, check this out!star wars logo, star wars check it out, star wars gift



Star Wars Watch

 star wars gift, star wars watch

Keep the power of the Light Side ticking with this beautifully crafted Star Wars watch! All of your favorite unorthodox heroes are back to help keep you from losing track of time! Intricate crystal inlay. Almost as intricate as Jedi lightsaber crystals. Classic Jedi padawan leather strap for the minimalist in you. Perfect Star Wars gifts for any friends who tend to lose track of time from watching Star Wars! Now, a Jedi will always arrive precisely when he means to. Check out these Darth Vader Watches to see the power of the galaxy!star wars logo, star wars check it out, star wars gift


Star Wars Rogue One Rebel Backpack

 star wars gift, star wars backpacks

Recruit your friends for a mission to save the galaxy by giving them this intricately crafted Star Wars Rogue One backpack! The perfect star wars gifts for any truly courageous rebel. This backpack even has special pouches solely designed to hold secret Death Star plans! The Empire’s tyrannical backpack regulations must be brought to an end! May the Force be with the Rebellion! 100% Polyurethane. Handwash. More stylish Star Wars backpacks for your long long journey in galaxy, check this out!

star wars logo, star wars check it out, star wars gift



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