Star Wars Gifts For Kids

Trying to find the perfect present among thousands of Star Wars gifts for kids can be an almost impossible task; after all, there’s a whole galaxy of products out there. Every kid wants to be a Jedi when they grow up, so why not give them the materials they need to truly fulfill their dreams? These Star Wars gifts are sure to put stars in you child’s eyes and the Force in their heart in a galaxy that can seem too scary at times. Inspire your children to rise up and join the Rebel Alliance, or join the powerful Galactic Empire and fulfill their destiny!

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  • Darth Vader Pop up Card

    SaveDarth Vader Pop up CardCHECK IT OUT $8.000saves
  • Star Wars Best Kid T-Shirt

    SaveStar Wars Best Kid T-ShirtCHECK IT OUT $14.990saves
  • Star Wars Stationery Set

    SaveStar Wars Stationery SetCHECK IT OUT $23.990saves
  • Darth Vader Home Planetarium

    SaveDarth Vader Home Planetarium

    During the war between the First Order and the Resistance, Kylo Ren meditated with this helmet, attempting to gain clarity in this time of chaos. Now that you have your very own Sith Lord helmet planetarium, you too can use it to show you the galaxy and beyond. Look out into the stars of the Star Wars galaxy, and learn of the beauty that comes from the night’s sky with this Darth Vader home planetarium.

    CHECK IT OUT $99.270saves
  • Yoda Kids Costume

    SaveYoda Kids Costume

    Funny, this costume is. Want it, your children will. Don’t let your kid miss out on being the wisest of all Jedi masters this Halloween! Made from the finest silks of Naboo, this Yoda costume will have any Jedi present doing a double take! Your child will truly feel the Force in this costume, so get it before it’s gone!

    CHECK IT OUT $39.990saves
  • Jedi BB8 Mega Playset

    SaveJedi BB8 Mega Playset

    This well designed BB8 toy can transform itself into an expansive Star Wars battle station in an instant! There’s so much crammed into such a small package! The little droid even comes with unique a unique Snokes action figure and an accompanying Praetorian guard! It’s amazing just how much fun things this droid can store away.

    CHECK IT OUT $269.000saves
  • Imperial Walker Bunk Bed

    SaveImperial Walker Bunk Bed

    Luke was a fool to use a tauntaun for protection from the elements. All he had to do was hide under the rubble of one of those Imperial walkers, and he would’ve been perfectly shielded from the cold! Now, you too can use the Imperial Walker as shelter, with this AT-AT walker bunk bed. Made to last, these are perfect for your future Stormtroopers!

    CHECK IT OUT $8,500.001saves
  • Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder

    SaveLuke Skywalker's Landspeeder

    Zoom all over Tattooine with this amazing quality landspeeder! Based on Luke Skywalker’s very own vehicle, this speeder is perfect for taking you down to the Toshi station to grab some power converters! Perfect for your padawan, and all their friends. Unfortunately, this product is not Force compatible.

    CHECK IT OUT $500.000saves
  • Star Wars R2D2 Hollow Book

    SaveStar Wars R2D2 Hollow Book

    R2-D2 can hold a lot more than just secret Death Star plans! If you’ve been looking for a place to hide your valuables, look no further! No one would suspect such an innocent droid! You could even store your lightsaber here for safekeeping from roving Imperial spies. The perfect gift for any Star Wars fans.

    CHECK IT OUT $100.000saves

Showing 1–9 of 48 results