Star Wars Gifts for Girlfriends

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  • Star Wars Crossbody Flap Purse

    SaveStar Wars Crossbody Flap PurseCHECK IT OUT $63.991saves
  • Death Trooper Leather Wallet

    SaveDeath Trooper Leather Wallet

    Made from a healthy, vegan galactic leather, this wallet is designed for the Death Trooper in you! Designed after one of the deadliest soldiers in the Imperial army, this wallet has room to spare for all of your space credits. And because this wallet is made from vegan leather, there’s no need to worry about any wampas being harmed in this product’s making!

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  • Wampa Cave Snow Globe

    SaveStar Wars Wampa Cave Snow Globe

    Step right into the Wampa’s lair with this beautiful Star Wars snow globe! Portraying a captured rebel soldier hanging in the grasp of the abominable creature, this snow globe provides a serene feeling that’s welcome in any room! Just shake it up and see the true beauty of the Star Wars universe.

    CHECK IT OUT $40.000saves
  • Death Star Love Pin

    SaveDeath Star Love Pin

    Show the state of your broken heart over the destruction of the Death Star with this Star Wars love pin! Constructed to look just like the second Death Star built by the Galactic Empire, this pin is even complete with a Millennium Falcon sized hole leading straight into the battle station’s core. Perfect as a small accessory gift to any Imperial sympathizers!

    CHECK IT OUT $10.002saves
  • Save The Date Card

    SaveSave The Date Card, star wars cards

    Commemorate one of the best times of your life with one of the best themes in the galaxy! Everything looks good in Star Wars print! Featuring two intricately designed lightsabers, as well as a customizable summary, these save the date cards are sure to be a hit at any galactic space hub!

    CHECK IT OUT $39.990saves
  • Love You To The Death Star

    SaveStar Wars Wedding, Love You To The Death Star

    If there’s one true fact about the galaxy, it’s enormous! One of the largest feats ever accomplished was the ability to traverse it. But even without a hyperdrive at your disposal, you can still commemorate a love that can span the stars on its own with a wedding cake topper saying just that! How many light years can your love last?

    CHECK IT OUT $24.750saves
  • Death Star Ring Box

    SaveDeath Star Ring Box

    That’s no moon! Surprise your special someone with a case as beautiful as the ring inside it. This Death Star ring box has all the intricate detail and design beauty that you’d expect from a galactic battle station: perfect for your special night. The Galactic Empire is all over the galaxy. Even in your heart.

    CHECK IT OUT $46.003saves
  • Star Wars Pocket Watch

    SaveStar Wars Pocket WatchCHECK IT OUT $28.000saves
  • Resist Glitter Enamel Pins

    SaveResist Glitter Enamel PinsCHECK IT OUT $10.000saves

Showing 1–9 of 61 results