Star Wars Gifts for Dad

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  • Yoda Whiskey Glass

    SaveYoda Whiskey GlassCHECK IT OUT $8.501saves
  • Star Wars Best Kid T-Shirt

    SaveStar Wars Best Kid T-ShirtCHECK IT OUT $14.990saves
  • Skywalker Safari Watch

    SaveSkywalker Safari Watch

    Keep the time better than a Jedi Knight with this Luke Skywalker watch! Never lose track of the time, no matter what planet you’re on, or however long you’ve been in hyper space. Made using lightsaber crystals to keep perfect timing, you’ll never miss another Jedi council meeting or Imperial gathering again!

    CHECK IT OUT $224.990saves
  • Darth Vader Toothpick Dispenser

    SaveDarth Vader Toothpick Dispenser

    Impress your friends with the coolest toothpick dispenser on the Dark Side of the Force! Darth Vader is a master with a lightsaber, and there is no exception, even if that lightsaber is a toothpick! With this perfectly designed dispenser, watch as the Dark Lord of the Sith draws his lightsaber out of thin air, and wield it in an instant. This is a guaranteed great purchase!

    CHECK IT OUT $33.991saves
  • Lightsaber Rear Wiper Cover

    SaveLightsaber Rear Wiper Cover

    Give in to your inner child, and get yourself this lightsaber windshield wiper cover! Deflecting rain drops with graceful speed will be no problem for your car with this product! So just sit back and watch the rain evaporate upon contact. Disclaimer: Raindrops will not actually evaporate off of your wiper cover.

    CHECK IT OUT $14.952saves
  • Death Star Fire Pit

    SaveDeath Star Fire Pit, death star, fire pit

    Made from all the same durasteel as the actual Death Star, this fire pit is sure to turn into the talk of all your Imperial friends! Instead of using all that power to blow up Alderaan, why not use it to heat up your patio area? Perfect for chilly autumn nights, and late summer parties! Just keep those pesky rebels away from it!

    CHECK IT OUT $3,800.003saves
  • Wedding Wars Pregnancy Shirt

    Savestar wars pregnancy shirt, Wedding War Pregnancy Shirt

    Now introducing the newest trilogy: Wedding Wars! In a galaxy where good wedding gifts are hard to find, these clever t-shirts are sure to please any Star Wars fans! Made with a space age cotton blend from Naboo to help you stay comfortable even on the longest of space travel days.

    CHECK IT OUT $42.501saves
  • R2D2 & BB-8 Droid

    SaveR2D2 & BB-8 DroidCHECK IT OUT $220.000saves
  • Inspired ID9 Seeker Droid

    SaveID9 SeekerCHECK IT OUT $15.000saves

Showing 1–9 of 48 results