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Strong women can be found all over the Star Wars universe. But what do you get the woman who has personally lead a galactic rebellion? Thanks to these Star Wars gifts for women, you’ll never have to guess again when buying their next holiday gift! Whether your mother needs a new blaster rifle, or your wife has been lusting over X-wing model, this list has it all! Even if your sister isn’t the biggest Star Wars fan, there are clothing options here that she could never turn down! Only the best Star Wars gifts for women are featured here!

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  • Star Wars Custom Cartoon

    SaveStar Wars Custom CartoonCHECK IT OUT $18.000saves
  • Star Wars 3D Paper Scenes

    SaveStar Wars 3D Paper ScenesCHECK IT OUT $2,468.000saves
  • Darth Vader Helmet Tea Kettle

    SaveDarth Vader Helmet Tea KettleCHECK IT OUT $49.990saves
  • Star Wars Crossbody Flap Purse

    SaveStar Wars Crossbody Flap PurseCHECK IT OUT $63.991saves
  • BB-8 Heat Change Mug

    SaveBB-8 Heat Change Mug

    BB-8 has come to save the day again! Instead of bringing the galactic map for use, he’s bringing coffee! The second you add any hot beverage to this Star Wars mug, BB-8 will reveal his control panel! With this great functionality, and with the utility droid’s head covering the top, this little robot can even keep your drink hot or cold!

    CHECK IT OUT $24.990saves
  • Death Trooper Leather Wallet

    SaveDeath Trooper Leather Wallet

    Made from a healthy, vegan galactic leather, this wallet is designed for the Death Trooper in you! Designed after one of the deadliest soldiers in the Imperial army, this wallet has room to spare for all of your space credits. And because this wallet is made from vegan leather, there’s no need to worry about any wampas being harmed in this product’s making!

    CHECK IT OUT $17.990saves
  • Rebellion Lightsaber Umbrella

    SaveLightsaber Umbrella

    Wield a lightsaber just like young Anakin Skywalker every time it begins to rain! With this umbrella, you’ll be able to deflect any rain drops headed your way! Learn the art of the lightsaber by using one yourself, and soon you’ll be the next Jedi master! Soon, you’ll be hoping for rain!

    CHECK IT OUT $129.950saves
  • Wampa Cave Snow Globe

    SaveStar Wars Wampa Cave Snow Globe

    Step right into the Wampa’s lair with this beautiful Star Wars snow globe! Portraying a captured rebel soldier hanging in the grasp of the abominable creature, this snow globe provides a serene feeling that’s welcome in any room! Just shake it up and see the true beauty of the Star Wars universe.

    CHECK IT OUT $40.000saves
  • Star Wars Cartoon Portrait

    SaveStar Wars Cartoon Portrait

    Turn your family into a galactic legend with this one of a kind cartoon portrait! Fit your own family’s faces onto whatever Star Wars characters you want, and take the fate of the galaxy into your own hands. For a price cheaper than your average power converter!

    CHECK IT OUT $40.001saves

Showing 1–9 of 81 results