• Millennium Falcon Wood Case

    Savestar wars phone case, Star Wars Millennium Falcon Wood Phone Case

    Even during the Kessel Run, this phone case will still hold solidly! So even if Han or Lando tell you to punch it, you can rest easy. Made from the best of galactic spaceship materials: real cherry wood, oil and varnish. And in the spirit of Star Wars, this design was even laser engraved!

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  • Star Wars Whiskey Decanter Sets

    SaveStar Wars Whiskey Decanter SetsCHECK IT OUT $23.008saves
  • Star Wars Coffee Mug


    The next time your morning’s heating up, your next mug of coffee will be all you need to punch it into hyperspace! This special heat reveal mug is even able to handle temperatures close to that of a lightsaber. Fill up with your favorite fuel, and blast off into the stars every single morning!

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  • Star Wars AR Stormtrooper Robot

    SaveStar Wars AR Stormtrooper Robot

    This little First Order Stormtrooper is a fully programmable robot. Use this little minion with a companion app to recognize faces, play games, display his own field of view and carry out your biddings. The possibilities for fun are endless once you have a stormtrooper to command. Want to guard your room against intruders? This robot can patrol and area and notify you when an unrecognized face shows up. And that’s just the beginning.

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  • Death Star Drawer Knobs

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  • Star Wars Floor Rug

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  • Star Wars Han Solo Fridge

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  • Star Wars AT-AT Bookends

    SaveStar Wars AT-AT Bookends

    If your collection of Star Wars movies is getting hard to manage now there is an AT-AT for you. This bookend AT-AT is sculpted with high attention to detail and made out of high quality polystone and hand painted. At 5 inches tall this is a stunning recreation of the assault craft previously seen in pursuit of the Rebel Alliance, these imposing vehicles can now keep your Blu-Ray and video game collection from falling down.

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  • Star Wars BB-8 USB Charger

    SaveStar Wars BB-8 USB Charger

    With this trusty BB-8 droid at your side you are ready for hyperspace whether you drive n T-70 X-wing or a Toyota. This is a ThinkGeek exclusive which means quality. Two USB ports and 2.1 amps of power means you can charge two tablets off this droid at once. BB-8 really is a cut above the rest and he knows it too. This droid can be switched on and he will chirp and swivel his head, the best copilot around.

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  • Choose Your Side Cap

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  • BB-8 Prayer Candle

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  • Millennium Falcon Wall Canvas

    Savestar wars canvas, Star Wars Millennium Falcon Wall CanvasCHECK IT OUT $21.003saves