Become a Jedi Warrior Under Legendary Yoda’s Apprenticeship

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We have seen Legendary Yoda’s insane mastery in lightsaber in the Attack of Clones. What if you get a chance to train under the master’s shadow and become the Jedi warrior you have always dream to be? This is your chance!

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It’s not just a toy that dances or flashes before you but it actually interacts by moving its eyes and even responds to your commands, that too in the same tone you’ve been hearing for years.

Now is the time to use the force and prepare under the master’s wing to face the evil forces of Darth Vader.


Realistic Impressions

If you think that this is just another toy making straight face expressions then prepare to be blown away by Legendary Yoda’s real life expressions. The skin of this toy is made up from premium latex that gives it a very real appearance.

Legendary Yoda, star wars gifts, star wars toys

The robe is not just any ordinary robe that you see on action figures, the one on this piece of beauty is composed of real and high quality fabric which takes it up a notch.


When you buy this, you receive a lightsaber and a magic stick along with it. You can place these accessories in the hands of Yoda and make him respond to your commands and use the force (glows green when held in the left hand).

Legendary Yoda, star wars gifts, star wars toys

Spread Jedi Wisdom With 115 Phrases

What’s helped Luke Skywalker and other Jedi trainers turn into exceptional fighters? It was the motivation provided by Yoda. His words were always full of wisdom that gave his fighters the push that they needed.

Thanks to this Legendary Yoda, you can listen to all these phrases again.


This toy will fill you with energy and the will to fight evil by speaking 115 Yoda phrases in his voice. They aren’t just randomly spoken but only when you converse with the master. It’s like the real Yoda is before you and you’re speaking to him.

Warrior Modes

What good is a master if he doesn’t know many styles? Master Yoda can help you become the warrior you want to be by harnessing your hidden powers using his knowledge.


The toy has motorized movements and helps the master move back and forth and in a 360 angle with the help of the 6 wheels under his feet.


  • Wisdom Mode: This mode is activated when you place the cane in his left hand. In this mode, Yoda answers all the questions that you ask him.


  • Decision Mode: Yoda is most concerned about you falling on the dark side. Worry not, the dark sensors in Legendary Yoda makes him speak in yes and no phrases to keep you at bay from joining the dark forces.


  • Force Mode: This mode lets Yoda use the power of the force by hitting a powerful blast from his hands to eliminate dark threats.


  • Warrior Mode: Once Master Yoda gets a hold of his green lightsaber, he can perform his signature 360 spin attack by weidling his saber in a rotational maneuver and kill all the enemies.

Legendary Yoda, star wars gifts, star wars toys


  • No setup required.
  • Speaks in Yoda’s Voice.
  • Interactive.
  • Realistic movements.
  • Safe to use.
  • Lightsaber and cane included.



  • Requires 6 C-cell batteries which aren’t included.


The Verdict

Bring home the Legendary Yoda today and start your venture to become an exceptional warrior.

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