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  • Wedding Wars Pregnancy Shirt

    Savestar wars pregnancy shirt, Wedding War Pregnancy Shirt

    Now introducing the newest trilogy: Wedding Wars! In a galaxy where good wedding gifts are hard to find, these clever t-shirts are sure to please any Star Wars fans! Made with a space age cotton blend from Naboo to help you stay comfortable even on the longest of space travel days.

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  • Cook You Must Yoda Cutting Board

    SaveCook You Must Yoda Cutting Board

    Cook, you must! Taste the food, you will! Made with the many varieties of woods from Dagobah, you can get these Star Wars cutting boards in bamboo, walnut or maple! Strong in the force, this is. Resist your knife, it will. These cutting boards can even be personalized! Perfect for any gift.

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  • Save The Date Card

    SaveSave The Date Card, star wars cards

    Commemorate one of the best times of your life with one of the best themes in the galaxy! Everything looks good in Star Wars print! Featuring two intricately designed lightsabers, as well as a customizable summary, these save the date cards are sure to be a hit at any galactic space hub!

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  • Yoda Wedding Card

    SaveYoda Wedding Card, star wars wedding cards

    The galaxy’s fiercest and tiniest Jedi has the wisest of words for a newly wed couple! Yoda best friend if you buy this card for your newly wed friends! Yoda only person with a card that stands out. And Yoda wisest in the galaxy too if you buy this wedding card!

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  • Love You To The Death Star

    SaveStar Wars Wedding, Love You To The Death Star

    If there’s one true fact about the galaxy, it’s enormous! One of the largest feats ever accomplished was the ability to traverse it. But even without a hyperdrive at your disposal, you can still commemorate a love that can span the stars on its own with a wedding cake topper saying just that! How many light years can your love last?

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  • Star Wars Characters Tiki Cup Set

    Savestar wars kitchen, Star Wars Characters Tiki Cup Set

    Pick your poison.  Well, some of the stuff in the cabinet is actually poison, but whatever you choose pour it into one of these adorable Star Wars Tikis.  Wonderfully stylized in a luau style theme these will spice up that Star Wars luau party that you’ve been waiting all these years to host.  What’s that? Haven’t thought of it?  Well, now you have, you’re welcome.

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  • Star Wars Characters Bouquet

    SaveStar Wars Characters Bouquet

    Have a special Star Wars in mind this Valentines Day? This Star Wars bouquet features a whole host of cute little Star Wars plush figures. A couple of Ewoks and Stormtroomers set the tone of this mix of loveable characters all nestled in together in this 2 foot tall bouquet.

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  • Star Wars BB-8 USB Charger

    SaveStar Wars BB-8 USB Charger

    With this trusty BB-8 droid at your side you are ready for hyperspace whether you drive n T-70 X-wing or a Toyota. This is a ThinkGeek exclusive which means quality. Two USB ports and 2.1 amps of power means you can charge two tablets off this droid at once. BB-8 really is a cut above the rest and he knows it too. This droid can be switched on and he will chirp and swivel his head, the best copilot around.

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  • Star Wars Battle Drones

    SaveStar Wars Battle Drones

    The Star Wars t-65 X-Wing quadcopter can reach flying speeds up to 35mph and offers 3 speed settings that range from beginner to advanced pilots. Altitude stabilization mode makes piloting even easier. Control frequencies differ so you can battle your Star Wars quadcopters with a total squad number of 12 fliers. Each special edition quadcopter is hand painted to hobby quality and is numbered.

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